I’ve been following the street artist Banksy for a while.  In honor of a new Banksy that just popped up, I’d like to dedicate today to his art.

Banksy is a person whose street art often brings light to societal issues like global warming and pollution, and otherwise he does social commentary on personal and political issues with today’s way of life.

For instance, one cool Banksy is his “Show Me The Monet” where he depicts a scene of Monet’s waterlily bridge adding some modern artifacts to the mix.

Show Me The Monet by Banksy - image via
Show Me The Monet by Banksy – image via

Another neat Banksy piece of art involves a wall graffitied to look like men are eavesdropping on a telephone booth in front of it.  This is probably my favorite Banksy as it shows his clever play on the objects near his graffiti and is a reflection of how everything we do is being monitored by some agent, whether it’s the government or a corporation paying to know our purchasing habits.  Banksy adds a touch of humor in exposing a serious situation, et voila!  It somehow leaves a smile on your face, but also makes you nod, “Eugh, they really are crossing the line.”  Via

What I like to consider "living art" - image via
What I like to consider “living art” – image via

A lot of Banksy art has been covered up or graffitied over, but more recently the world has seen his work as art and an honest criticism of the world we live in.  Via

Hiding his identity for over twenty years, Banksy is one of the most elusive people today. While there are hints of Banksy being a man from Bristol, Banksy himself has never given away his identity, and I would prefer to honor his choice to remain anonymous.    While Banksy art often sells at a high price at auctions (but profits sometimes go to good causes like homelessness in NYC), the fact that he puts his works out into the open for all to see is a great way to share art and ideas.  Via

Here’s the most recent piece that people are saying is Banksy.  Given how I’m getting more and more frustrated with our generation ignoring live humans in front of them to interact with someone electronically, this piece really hits the spot in my heart.  Ironically, a local nightclub removed the door it was painted on and replaced it with a sign to tell visitors to stop by anytime for a small donation.

No more cell phones - Via
No more cell phones – Via

Banksy has created a LOT of art since he started in the late nineties.  There’s no way to do him justice in a short post, so read more on him before deciding how you feel about him.  I got most of my facts about Banksy here.  If you’re curious to learn more, read it for a more detailed account of his history and works.  Wikipedia also provides a pretty thorough account.

But for now, I hope Banksy considers commenting on the end of privacy.

Do you have any favorite contemporary artists?  Share your favorites, I’m always looking for new inspiration!

Please comment, share your thoughts and let me know what you think.  Please help me keep this a positive forum, though.  I am so excited for some debate, but let’s respect each other please.  I reserve the right to monitor and delete inappropriate posts.  Thanks in advance!

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    1. Great reminder! I’ve also been meaning to watch that movie. :) Let’s compare notes soon.

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