All in all, I’m SO incredibly happy that spring is finally here, and summer is just around the corner.  I’ve been working hard to figure out how to stay healthy, and get my vitamin D.  Reading this article reinforces my goal of getting outside as much as I can every day to get a healthy dose of green.  Especially since concrete

gardens make no difference, it’s crucial to get ourselves into a green area to decompress, and avoid all the risks associated with being indoors far too much.

Do you ever feel like you’re indoors TOO much?  “One of the UK’s top doctors says an accumulating body of evidence supports a link between urban green space and benefits to human wellbeing.”  I feel like childishly saying, “Well, no duh!”  But then I still have to make a conscious effort to get outside at least once during my twelve hour work days.  Ever since my hours went up again, I have been pretty good about going outside at least once to break up the long work days… and of course I still spend about 45-60 minutes total to walk to and from work.  But I do still feel like I can improve this to feel healthier.  Why do I go straight home to watch a tv show before bed?  Shouldn’t I walk to a local park to read under a tree before the sun goes down, or go play with a friend’s dog?  This week I’m going to try to add more time outdoors to my routine.

If you can't go outside, then bring the greens to you! - My own image
If you can’t go outside, then bring the greens to you! – My own image

Why am I doing this?  “‘We now know – from a recent study – that sunlight reduces blood pressure and a small reduction of blood pressure in the population produces a significant reduction of cardiovascular disease.’  … [U]rban green spaces could help ease the strain on health budgets.  At a population scale, it can offer huge savings to the NHS by reducing the burden of preventable diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.  Some people say

there is a gym outside your window, and it is much cheaper than a gym subscription.”  Yes!!!  These are all VERY important reasons to make being outdoors a priority.  And for getting time in green spaces!   I really want to bring a small plant to work, because my apartment always has flowers and potted plants, but I spend like 2% of my waking hours at home… and like 85% at work…

Now, children, put on some sunscreen and run outside because you aren't allergic to the sun - gif via
Now, children, put on some sunscreen and run outside because you aren’t allergic to the sun – gif via

What do you do to get enough sunshine and be surrounded by green space?  If a garden of your own isn’t affordable, do you do anything inside your own home to create more of a jungle?  Share your favorite outdoor memories!

Please comment, share your thoughts and let me know what you think. Please help me keep this a positive forum, though. I am so excited for some debate, but let’s respect each other please. I reserve the right to monitor and delete inappropriate posts. Thanks in advance!

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6 thoughts on “Mr. Sunshine and The Green Monster

  1. I keep trying to have a plant at my desk, but they always die from the complete lack of windows (or at least, that’s what I tell myself. I doubt I could keep one alive even if I had a window for it!). Do you have any plants you recommend for office spaces?

    1. Glad you’re still trying! I’d recommend orchids as they’re pretty easy (just water them once a week or I like sticking three ice cubes in there so that the water gets absorbed over time). Otherwise, I love fresh cut flowers since they’re going to die anyways and don’t need too much special attention. Just make sure you have scissors at your desk to trim them halfway through the week to keep the stems fresh.

      1. Thanks for the advice! I am an orchid-killer as well, so maybe fresh cut flowers are the way to go. I’m also considering a cactus.

        1. Fabulous, although cacti are extremely prickly so make sure you buy adequate gloves to protect yourself (no joke – I was recently at a botanical garden greenhouse and those cacti can be deadly!) Definitely keep us updated on your plant success. Don’t give up!

  2. I personally can’t wait until it’s warm weather water time! The nearby lakes and rivers are calling me and I can never turn down a good pool day!

    1. Warm weather at last! Thanks for commenting, Natalie. :)

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