Recently on a roadtrip with some good friends, I asked a friend to take over snack duty since I knew that I wouldn’t get the chance to hit up my favorite spot – Trader Joe’s.  And I’m glad I let go of the reins because I discovered a new fad, apparently permeating our society as you skimm this post!  Even The New York Times wrote about it, so it’s for realzies.

Drum roll pleeeease… baby food.  But with a twist (off cap).

Now I’m not talking feeding your kids from new baby food containers (squeezable pouches)…

I am talking about adults of all ages and backgrounds sticking a baby food pouch into their purses, lunches and backpockets to have a convenient on-the-go snack.

Baby fuel!!! - image via
Baby fuel!!! – image via

So at first I was a total skeptic (as in… *eye rolls… who are these people?) But I was kind of hungry in the backseat after being on the road all day and snacking on carrots and Babybels. So I decided to try a pouch for myself. (I know, I know, you’re making faces, baby food? Seriously Mirabelle? How low can you GO?)

So I tried it… and it was just like applesauce… ONLY BETTER!! Because it’s in a convenient mess-free pouch. No spoons, no mess. Seriously, how much more on the go can you be?

So after my trip, I forgot all about the convenient snack, and went back to work a lot. But once you try baby food, you can’t escape it. It’s suddenly EVERYWHERE.

I went to Starbucks to get properly caffeinated, and lo and behold, what do I see at the front of checkout line? BABY FOOD.

Except Starbucks is now sneakily marketing it to busy adults by labeling it as a “fruit snack.”

Sneaky Starbucks labels their baby food as "fruit snacks" - image via
Sneaky Starbucks labels their baby food as “fruit snacks” – image via

Lest the men in suits, and busy women in high heels find out the origins of their tasty and convenient organic snack filled with 2 servings of fruits and vegetables.

I resisted that one, and just smiled knowingly at the barista because I knew what those fruit snacks really were.

But then after I went to yoga, I decided to stop by my neighborhood Whole Foods, and what did I see? More baby food. Except this time I saw an entire section for different organic baby food.

So I did some research and found that the history of this new trend is that brands started with ORGANIC baby food pouches.  And once the trend caught on, brands like Starbucks and Tropicana are trying to get a slice of the market. Only Tropicana obviously doesn’t have all the healthy organic ingredients that other brands like <a href=””>Plum Organics and Buddy Fruits</a> contain.

Do your research, try an interesting flavor and join in the conversation!

What do you think? Is baby food strictly for babies, or should it be socially acceptable to sit next to a redhead on a long train ride and watch her scarf down a baby food packet (not that this happened to me … or anything).

Please comment, share your thoughts and let me know what you think. Please help me keep this a positive forum, though. I am so excited for some debate, but let’s respect each other please. I reserve the right to monitor and delete inappropriate posts. Thanks in advance!

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2 thoughts on “Oh Baby: The Baby Food Trend

  1. Hmmm . . .I’m with you on this, Mirabelle! It could be delicious, but I’m still a bit squicked out. I may try it sometime though if I’m in a similar situation.

    1. It’s just like apple sauce, in a safe and convenient pouch with a twist off cap – what’s not to love? (clearly I’m converted, although I don’t know if I’m ok to eat this in public yet…) Keep us in the loop, Brenda!

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