Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

So this week is going to be a little bit of last week in reverse… I’m going to start on a great note, and then go back to how I got there. So keep up, and follow the week’s posts.

​How to spread good karma, for REAL!

So last week was rough. Without going into too many details, people were pretty horrible at work. Normally, there’s some sort of drama at every kind of job you might have. But I like to steer clear of that. I don’t like gossip. Not a fan of rumors, or speculation.

So it was particularly obnoxious when people were just being nasty – to me! Yes, me!

Let’s just say sometimes it’s hard to avoid workplace nastiness even if you keep your head down, mouth shut and stay pleasant with everyone, no matter how rude or creepy they are.

And sure, you can try to focus on something positive when someone is mean to you, but it can get to you. At age ten or in your mid-twenties.

So the day after I had a particularly horrid workday, my friend texted me asking if I had a Whole Paycheck – I mean, Whole Foods – near me. Um… Yes! I do. And I go there entirely too often because it’s next to my yoga studio. Like I have to leave my wallet at home when I go to yoga to avoid spending too much money. So I texted her my whole flibbertigibbet story and forgot all about it.

Ten minutes later (yes, short memory span), I check my email and this friend sent me a huge ole gift card to Whole Foods. What?! Where did this come from?

Turns out she wanted to do something nice for me to make up for those jerks at work.

One ticket to Heaven, please... Whole Paycheck - image via
One ticket to Heaven, please… Whole Paycheck – image via

I can hear you all collectively Awing, “Bless her heart!”

So ten MORE minutes later, guess who texts me? “I got the job!!!” my sweet friend says.

Definitely, certainly, karma.

Sure, I that job had her name on it from the start, but the timing of the answer made me feel like her selfless act of kindness was specifically rewarded.

And what’s funny is that that whole week I had wanted to send my friends a few care packages, just for funzies. Because, have you read this blog? I’ve got the best friends. I like to thank them for their incredible patience.

But seriously, the lesson that I got from last week is:

Do something good for someone, and get something wonderful back!

And it seems like it has been that kind of week for many of us.

So don’t let the bad overpower the good.

Sure, there’s always jerks. Sure there’s always going to be some kind of drama.

But guess what? You will always have your friends to make you feel twenty times better and forget about all those idiots who are mean to you.

That's right, but what happens to these jerks in the end? Nothing good - image via
That’s right, but what happens to these jerks in the end? Nothing good – image via

And remember, what comes around, goes around. You being your friendly ole self will always beat out the jerks and backstabbers in the long run. People notice, even if they don’t always say something.

And in the very berry end, who friggin’ cares what the haters think anyways?

Have you had a bade day or week that was completely overtaken by my friends’ awesomeness.

Please comment, share your thoughts and let me know what you think. Please help me keep this a positive forum, though. I am so excited for some debate, but let’s respect each other please. I reserve the right to monitor and delete inappropriate posts. Thanks in advance!

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