So after crying in yoga class after a VERY long work day, I wondered, what is going on with me?  Granted, I had been working long hours (one day almost 15 hours), so I’ve been getting tired.  But then again, this isn’t all that new.

What I realized was that I stopped having my afternoon snack (aka dinner) and dragged myself straight to yoga from work.

Duh, duh DUH!  I’ve been hangry all week.

I called my mom who gave me a very useful explanation for the new phenomenon.  “Did you know that only women, not men, get hangry?” she asked me.

I had no idea, but how was that going to help me?  (Unless I became a man – which, by the way, I’d be a horrible man.  I’d be worse than Amanda Bynes in She’s The Man, which frankly is the BEST movie EVER!)

Amanda Bynes being a man - image via
Amanda Bynes being a man – gif via

So I decided to do some investigating to put an end to it, or at least over-analyze my hangriness.

Urban Dictionary says that “hangry” means: “When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.”

Also, you can buy hangry-themed merch on Etsy in case it REALLY took over your life here.

I especially liked this baby one – because it has grumpy eyebrows.

Then I came upon this lifechanging article that really just made me happy (check out that couple at a party, and then picture a young Mirabelle hangry crying at yoga).

Where is it? - gif via
Where is it? – gif via

The article offered some sage insight: “Hangry, the marriage of hungry and angry, is not only a trendy word, it’s science, according to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. “Self-control of aggressive impulses requires energy,” says the paper’s thesis, “and much of this energy is provided by glucose derived from the food we eat.” (Translation: If you’re super-furious and looking for a plate to hurl at the wall, consider whether maybe you just need some nachos.)”

Then I came across this timely article about tv-hangry characters (obviously Joey was a major player, alone with other favorites Mindy and Liz Lemon)…

And FINALLY the *ahhhh* moment came when I read about the cure to hangriness here.

Oh wait, it’s just EATING more!

So, kids, avoid THIS face:

A very hangry J Law- gif via
A very hangry J Law- gif via

By doing THIS:

Stuff my face with chocolate - gif via
Stuff my face with chocolate – gif via

Share your hangriest moments!

Please comment, share your thoughts and let me know what you think. Please help me keep this a positive forum, though. I am so excited for some debate, but let’s respect each other please. I reserve the right to monitor and delete inappropriate posts. Thanks in advance!

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4 thoughts on “So Very Hangry

  1. That’s really interesting about hanger in men vs women. Do you think that’s true? Now that I’m thinking about it, I know a lot of women who get hangry, but no men. Thanks for always giving me something to think about, Mirabelle!

  2. Thanks, Bridget! :) I do think that it’s true. It’s probably got to do with hormones? Or maybe it’s not true, and men DO GET HANGRY! (Might be the reason they get into fights? Just hungry…) Basically, the world would be a better place if we just ate more. Truth! Thanks for reading, as always!

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