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Hi everyone!  Happy Monday!

Have you ever noticed people who are always negative?  Whether they talk about themselves in a critical way, or if they constantly judge or gossip about others?

Well, this post isn’t about those people!  This post is about YOU, my cheery and kind friends!

Being caring and interesting will always be remembered longer and harder than any of snooze-fests who see drama in everything.

Think back to your childhood, college memories or your first move to a new city…  Who stands out?  I guarantee that the role models that gave you wise advice, and friends that made you pee your pants from laughter fill up your memories… not the people that made life difficult.   You know why?  They’re not worth it.  Sure there are some horrible moments that stand out, but I’m telling you, there are a million magical moments to each bad egg that tried to break your spirits.

Yes, we’ve all had jerks or sad little rumorspreaders try to come after us at one point or another, but once you get out of that point in time, you’ll remember the strength you had in not letting them drag you down, and the kindness – big or small – that friends or maybe even strangers displayed in support of you and what you stand for.

Sure, sometimes we go through tough times alone, but think of how many people are out there on this planet we call home?  There’s no way you’re not among hundreds or thousands – let alone the only one – going through whatever challenges you face.

​”If someone has something bad to say about you, it’s probably because they have nothing good to say about themselves.”

Don’t forget – Taylor’s on top of the world, meanwhile the people who were mean to her are forgotten (or pathetically drinking beer alone at a bar?) Either way – lesson learned!

So if you’re experiencing some not-so-pleasant people in your life, try to frame things a in different way – or reach out to others who might be going through the same thing.  No use in rebuilding the wheel – we all learn from our own mistakes, but it’s also nice to hear what others have gained from similar situations.

So obviously, you have no problems being positive and kind to others… I know you don’t gossip about people or judge them.  But since you’re already there, then let’s try to do some good in this world!

My challenge for you today is two-part:

1) Reach out to someone you know is struggling with something and send some love & encouragement!  You NEVER know whose life you can touch or change for the better!

2) Ask someone about challenges they’ve been through and ask how they got through it and who was there to help them up from a fall.  I guarantee you’ll be surprised at the hard and scary things people you know overcame, and the ray of light that got them through it.

Report back with your positivity, some tips for what is guaranteed to cheer you up, or share some challenges going on with you today!

Please comment, share your thoughts and let me know what you think. Please help me keep this a positive forum, though. I am so excited for some debate, but let’s respect each other please. I reserve the right to monitor and delete inappropriate posts. Thanks in advance!

Share only positive things - image via
Share only positive things – image via

3 thoughts on “​If You’ve Got Nothing Positive To Say… Then Don’t Say Nuttin’

  1. Hahaha – I love that image above (Girl – please). If you’ve got nothing positive to say – keep it moving and God bless! You’re such an encouraging person, and your determination to bring light where ever you are is so admirable! I completely agree with you about energy sucking negative people. There are some people when you’re in their presence you get edified and enlightened, and others are just the complete opposite. When I woke up this morning, God just said to my spirit (I tend to have one-one conversations with Him) “If people choose to walk of your life – LET THEM GO”. And lately I’ve been going through the phase where one by one people that have brought absolutely nothing to my life have themselves been exiting out of my life. And I’ve been working hard to try and keep some of these “blah” (because they add nothing to me) folks out of my life. But it’s so relieving to see how life just works itself out. Sometimes you have to intentionally cut people out, and sometimes also life in it’s own way will remove negative people from your presence. Isn’t it amazing! I love you! And enjoy your positivity as always!

    1. Thanks, Jael! Glad you enjoyed the gif :) Beyonce has attitude! And I totally agree, and see Monday’s post about letting go! You inspired it!

  2. This is so awesome Mirabelle! I am SO over people who are negative all the time. One of my friends and I were just talking about this. I’m a student and there are a bunch of kids in my classes who are just constantly bagging on everything. It gets so bad after tests that some of my friends and I have to physically isolate ourselves just to get away from all that bad energy. I love your outlook and challenge though. Way to really turn the tables!

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