Hey there, remember me?  I know, I know, I disappeared again.  But come on!  This is me, Mirabelle.  I had a good reason.  No really!

Anyways, I’m working hard to get an awesome job, live healthy, find balance and stay positive… and things are looking up!  (As I’m sure they are for my awesome readers – you are all WINNERS in my book!)

​Have you ever really really wanted something?  And then you try this, you try that… you do everything in your power to get it.  But no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you push, that thing just seems to be just out of your reach?  You’ve gotten closer to it in on instant, the next it’s wayyyy out of your reach again?

Ok, well, this is called being human!  We always want things.

And not all of those wishes are meant to be realized.  Let’s all agree that our childhood dreams of being a famous actress or bootylicious singer may not have been great if we’d gotten them since we probably would have become LiLo or an even more hyper ​​Justin Bieber…​

Had you become a famous person... - image via
Had you become a famous person… – image via

Obviously, that wouldn’t do.  ​

But I’ve also noticed that when I stop actively seeking out something and just have the confidence to wait (not to be confused with doing nothing, just being patient and focusing on all the other cool things going on in your life)…. that opportunities start coming to you?

I know, I know, for a self-accepting control freak, this is so hard to accept.  But sometimes good things happen when you least expect them!  ​

​I’m wondering if this moment, this precise moment, is one of those moments in my life, when things I’ve been dreaming about finally come together without me wrestling with the universe over them.

I will tell you that a few months ago, I realized I just had zero time to date or apply for jobs.  I was feeling like I was spread thin.  I wasn’t getting enough sleep, I didn’t feel like I was dedicating enough time to the people I loved, or the activities I’m passionate about (or if I was, I felt like I didn’t dedicate my full attention to them).

So I decided to hit pause on dating.  What happened?  I suddenly started getting asked out by nice guys.  ​

​All – the – time.

The same thing happened with finding a certain kind of job.  I was so exhausted from spending hours and hours on separate applications, pouring my heart and soul into cover letters, and digging deep for the right words, when I would hear nothing back.  So I said, Mirabelle, you will work crazy hours for a few months, you will stop applying to these jobs that you don’t hear back from since you have no time for it, and you will work on your savings account.  So work, work, work I did, and suddenly I was hearing about job opportunities.

At first I thought, seriously? The timing couldn’t be worse. Didn’t I just say that I was going to give up dating to focus on things that I need to focus on right now?  Didn’t I just say I needed to work crazy hours so I wouldn’t have ten hours a week to work on a job application?

But then I realized, the timing is always going to suck.  For everything.

That doesn’t mean it’s not right for you!  It just means it’s going to be challenging.  ​

This is what it's like to stop trying - gif via
This is what it’s like to stop trying – gif via

​I’m sure you’ve noticed that the easy things are rarely worth it.  It’s the things that challenge us in some way that are most worthy of our time.  And yes, sometimes those opportunities come to us in the most inopportune moments (like, say, when we’ve forgotten our umbrellas at home and got caught under the only cloud in the sky that just lets the rain pour down on us…)

For now, I’m just putting in the time and energy for the good things happening to me.  And really, isn’t that what we all do?  I’ve just learned to stop forcing things, and instead being a bit more accepting of the windows, doors, and tunnels open to me at this moment.

And I certainly hope that you are also looking for those openings in your life!  (Although, I’m already thinking, there are times to put on your worker boots and construction gloves, take out that sledgehammer and break down walls.  I just think that you’ve got to do it at the right time, that’s all!  And right now I’m putting on those boots and safety goggles because I’m preparing for big things!)

Have you had a time when things you’ve been wanting for soooo long suddenly come to you?  Do you appreciate them more when they come after you’ve long-desired them, or more when good things come out of the blue?  (Just curious!)

Please comment, share your thoughts and let me know what you think. Please help me keep this a positive forum, though. I am so excited for some debate, but let’s respect each other please. I reserve the right to monitor and delete inappropriate posts. Thanks in advance!

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3 thoughts on “Do Good Things Happen When We Stop Seeking Them?

  1. What a great update! I’m so excited for you and the good opportunities coming your way. And that is so true- sometimes you just have to wait and enjoy what you have.

  2. Thank you! Same to you and all of my kind readers! Always look for those open windows, but I totally agree. It’s great to sit back and appreciate what we have. Carpe diem!

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