Hello!! How was your weekend? I snuck in a V-day blog post on Saturday, despite my firm desire never to write on the matter.

Today, I just wanted to share some of the things I’m loving right now. A truly kind friend of mine sent me a housewarming/Valentine’s Day gift in the mail that reminded me to get back to the things I love. She sent me the book Death Comes To Pemberley by P.D. James, which is a sequel of sorts to the classic Pride & Prejudice.

Apart from reading Bridget Jones #3 when it came out last year, I haven’t read a single paper version of a book in several years. All of the reading in law school made it really hard to even glance at a book, and working long hours staring at a computer made me value my eyesight. But now that I finally keep regular hours, I finally have time to read!!!! IN REAL LIFE!!! So thanks to my friend for sending me the literal reason to get back into real life reading!

Great Books

So anyways, Death Comes To Pemberley is written in the tongue-in-cheek style of the late Ms. Austen, but set after Darcy marries his Ms. Bennett. Reading it makes me wish I were a better writer – someone who could describe the annoying habits of others without being a complainer, or a bore. I can’t wait to watch the BBC Mini Series with Matthew Rhys as Mr. Darcy when I finish reading the book.

Reading a real book, on paper, is never worth updating, however - gif via
Reading a real book, on paper, is never worth updating, however – gif via

I decided to cancel my Audible.com account now that I can’t listen to audio books to stay awake at work (my job is already really interesting, so I don’t need that). But before canceling, I used my last credits for some great books. So far I can confidently recommend Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. It’s touching, really well-written, I’m engrossed every morning on my beautiful drive to work.

Podcasts That I Love

When I’m not listening to audio books, here are a few podcasts that I genuinely love. I love storytelling, and hearing people think back on things that happened to them.

The Moth is probably my favorite one as storytellers from near and far compete to share their best stories on a theme. The best ones move onto the next round, and audience favorites make it onto the radio, or into podcast form!

The stories range from hysterically funny, to really sad, to reminders of our shared humanity. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I really suggest you do as they’re free and there are many stories on endless themes.

I had the good fortune to see a live show of The Moth in NYC a year ago, and it made me really appreciate that there’s a community of people who are interested in entertainment in its purest form!

Of my educated friends, I’ve found that everybody suggests This American Life, and I became fan as well after many recommendations. I find that these episodes are a bit more hit or miss.  I do love their stories that focus on the mundane details of real people. There is a certain humor to the way these stories are shared and put together, and Ira does have a fun take on the same theme.

I also got to see Ira Glass a few months ago while he was touring the country, and I loved his vision for the radio show. I agree that the way that the news is being portrayed in America has gotten to be so boring. Stories are hyped, and it’s really hard to hear anything new beneath the constant noise and over-dramatizing of everything. Instead, Ira’s philosophy is to tell the same stories from a more personal level. Interview the little people and hear about quirky, innovative or downright bizarre things that are going on under the surface around our country.  (Note: The featured image today is the famous dog dressed up as Ira Glass!)

If you’re in your twenties, you probably know about This American Life because of its connection to the podcast-only series Serial. But I really recommend listening to TAL on its own. In my opinion it’s better than Serial was – only because I prefer the variety and that it wasn’t as sensationalized as Serial.  But I did like listening to Serial and finally having more friends to discuss it with since the so many people were really into Serial!

So what books, movies, tv shows, and podcasts caught your fancy recently? Please PLEASE share!! If you haven’t heard, I recently found some free time and am looking to fill it with quality!

Please comment, share your thoughts and let me know what you think. Please help me keep this a positive forum, though. I am so excited for some debate, but let’s respect each other please. I reserve the right to monitor and delete inappropriate posts. Thanks in advance!

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