What’s the saying? Ask and ye shall receive.

So I’ve been searching for a meaningful volunteering activity ever since I moved back West. And one just fell into my lap… Or pretty close.

So before I tell you about the more formal volunteering I’d like to do, I did get to help out an undergraduate and law school student this month. I formally mentor a first year law student and I also informally took under my wing a smart undergrad former Navy lady!

It’s been super fun hearing where these “kids” want to end up and the thoughts going through their minds as they search for who they’re meant to become. I know I had a similar path and really needed a helping hand and kind ear to listen to my aspirations. So far, I’ve really enjoyed connecting these bright ladies with people that can help them even more, and just sharing my own story on the path to finding where I’m meant to be!

So, back to my more formal volunteering! I went to an alumni networking event at a museum last weekend – mostly to get some much-needed culture and catch up with old pals. At this event, I ran into an attorney that I’d met years ago volunteering at a Posse event.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Posse, it’s a program that allows bright high school students from underprivileged backgrounds a chance to qualify to attend top Universities across the nation – scholarship and all!

I reminded my old acquaintance of our past volunteering, and that I’d just moved back to the city this last year. I mentioned that Posse such an awesome program, because it is. And without further ado, she offered to put me in touch with the people running it now! How awesome, right? An evening later, I’m emailing back and forth with the people running the program for our Uni. Can’t believe it!

One of my passions has always been helping underprivileged kids, particularly since I grew up with a single mom, and we were on welfare for a couple years. I count my blessings every day, particularly that I had a shot at going to college AND grad school.

To be honest, I know that I could have easily turned out differently had it not been for my mom’s steering me towards school as a way up. There have been moments in my life when I’ve seen the statistic I could have become. I’m proud that I fought, tooth and nail to overcome shyness, insecurity, fear of being different in all ways and most of all the fact that I was told I couldn’t succeed and I was good for nothing for many of my formative years. And most of all, because I saw college as the chance I needed to escape a pretty bleak situation when my mom remarried.

So I’m psyched to have a chance to talk to bright high school students about what it’s like to go to college! Particularly what it’s like if you’re different from some of the more privileged kids out there.

So this weekend was a fun reminder of the preppy grads who walked the halls of my own preppy liberal arts Uni (I wasn’t at all surprised when a few people showed up in polos with cardigans artfully tied across their shoulders). It was also a the humbling experience I needed to remind myself I didn’t always have it all – and most of all the chance to be seen as the equal of all the prepsters.

What about you all?! Any exciting volunteering opportunities lined up?

Mira, Out!

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