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This is me, Mirabelle!  I'm doing ten things at once - Adorable image by my bestie Christine
This is me, Mirabelle! I’m doing ten things at once – Adorable image by my bestie Sunny-D!

Thanks for stopping by, friend! I like to blog about identity, self-esteem and finding balance in a busy life.

If you’re new here, check out some of my favorite blog posts. I think they put together a good picture of who I am and what I’m about.

1. Positivity

I’m a positive and goofy nerd, and am trying to move to a truly balanced and happy life. So I like to reflect on the things that are important to me in becoming a healthy and giving individual.  I even analyzed my relationship with time and priorities.

2. Identity: Millennials and the Quarter Life Crisis

I am fascinated by Millennials, the Quarter Life Crisis and our identities in an ever-changing world.

3. Friendship

I talk about friendship a lot because my true friends left (and continue to leave) a significant mark on my identity. I write about real friends, the health benefits of true friends, the importance of gal time, and making new friends at work.

4. Quest for the Elusive Dream Job

Along with my closest pals, I’ve been on a quest to find the Elusive Dream Job. Before I landed what I firmly believe is The One, the hustle was treacherous and at times disheartening, but I tried to persevere with positivity and hope. I’m really proud that I turned around a dead-end career that was unhealthy for me, body and soul, to find a rewarding career that challenges me and lets me focus on my strengths.

5. Equality for All

Before I started working in the real world, I was blissfully unaware of some of the issues that women deal with, so I’ve tried to address serious topics. I’m not perfect, and I admit that my views aren’t the only ones out there, but I think it’s important for women and all minorities to be treated equally (like people, not objects) and to get the same opportunities as everyone else. I’ve talked about sexual harassment at work and on the street, fighting negative stereotypes and the media’s role on our perception of ourselves.

6. Confidence and Self-Love

At last, as an introvert and individual, I’ve struggled with self-confidence and attaining self-love. I have used this blog to analyze how I perceive myself, and as a way to admit my flaws so that I can grow.

Thanks for reading, and please keep on commenting! I want to know what you’re interested in so that my posts are relevant and help others to stay positive and believe in themselves.

If all of this still doesn’t tell you anything about me, then I must admit my healthy obsession (does such a contradiction even exist?) with hipsters, Darth Vader, Banksy, and James Bond.  If you’ve had some excellent hipster-sightings, please do share!

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