The Love Of My Life

Happy Monday! I figured after last week’s heavier subject, you deserved a lighter confession this week.

So here goes, I have the biggest crush on Darth Vader. No foolin’! I know! So in honor of my beautiful man, please watch this video of Storm Troopers twerking. It will make your day!

Oh snap! He did it again, here’s Darth dancing to Can’t Touch This, my favorite song!!

Enjoy your Monday, and share your embarrassing crushes!! (Yeah, Hermione, I had a huge crush on Draco too – drawn to bad boys?) 

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To Heal Is To Share

Sherlock Rid of Scarf

This will make sense as you read on… (hint: I just love Sherlock) – gif via

On Wednesday, I revealed that the sexual harassment that I was experiencing had FINALLY come to an end!  And I shared rather vaguely what it felt like.  I didn’t want to be dishonest or hide things.  In fact, the opposite is true.  I think that sometimes the best way to heal is to put things out into the open… for the twin reasons of admitting to yourself what happened and learning from how you handled things.  Oh shoot, I should make those twins triplets, as connecting with others is the third reason to put things out into the open and move on.

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Healing After The Bad, The Horrible, The Terrible

What, hey?  A second post in one week?  And I’m back!  How are all of you on this fabulous hump day?

So today’s post isn’t going to be a light one, so if you need a light pick-me-up, I suggest you save this for a sunnier day and read THIS instead!  If not, continue on.

Confession: This week marked the first week that I wasn’t sexually harassed since February.

WHAT?  You seem shocked.  Well, don’t be.

Studies estimate that somewhere between a quarter and half of women report that they’ve experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

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Do Good Things Happen When We Stop Seeking Them?

Hey there, remember me?  I know, I know, I disappeared again.  But come on!  This is me, Mirabelle.  I had a good reason.  No really!

Anyways, I’m working hard to get an awesome job, live healthy, find balance and stay positive… and things are looking up!  (As I’m sure they are for my awesome readers – you are all WINNERS in my book!)

​Have you ever really really wanted something?  And then you try this, you try that… you do everything in your power to get it.  But no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you push, that thing just seems to be just out of your reach?  You’ve gotten closer to it in on instant, the next it’s wayyyy out of your reach again?

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​If You’ve Got Nothing Positive To Say… Then Don’t Say Nuttin’

Beyonce Pirl Please

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday!

Have you ever noticed people who are always negative?  Whether they talk about themselves in a critical way, or if they constantly judge or gossip about others?

Well, this post isn’t about those people!  This post is about YOU, my cheery and kind friends!

Being caring and interesting will always be remembered longer and harder than any of snooze-fests who see drama in everything.

Think back to your childhood, college memories or your first move to a new city…  Who stands out?  I guarantee that the role models that gave you wise advice, and friends that made you pee your pants from laughter fill up your memories… not the people that made life difficult.   You know why?  They’re not worth it.  Sure there are some horrible moments that stand out, but I’m telling you, there are a million magical moments to each bad egg that tried to break your spirits.

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When Is It Ok To Cat-Call A Lady? The Playboy Chart That Changed The Rules​

Ok, so I was just enjoying a laid back Labor Day Weekend (i.e. took a WHOLE day off, completely!) and came across this wonderful article.  (oops, took a while to post this little guy!)

Now I know that world peace isn’t being restored, but this is pretty game-changing for me.  It’s pretty fabulous that the magazine has taken a stance on an issue that has typically only been discussed in women’s magazines, etc.  ​

​It’s great that the issue, which was once only discussed by us gals, is spreading to more manly publications.

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Bond, James Bond​

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you  have a lovely mid-week.  In my case, I’m exciting to learn that jetpacks are a real thing, not merely accessible to double-O agents like James Bond, but to ALL of us!  On that happy note, hope you have MANY hours to spend learning the very useful craft of jet-packing so that you are prepared for the year 2030 when we ALL jetpack everywhere.  (Beware the jetpack rush hour – it’s not going to be pretty!)

Do you own a jetpack?  If so, please share your jetpacking experiences!

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Why Do We Yawn?

Yawwwn…. Goooood Mooorninnnng!

As a person who succumbs to awkwardness and anxious feelings almost every day… I’ve noticed that whenever I am about to go into a situation that brings out anxious feelings, I tend to yawn.

My mother has often chastised me that this makes me look disinterested in a moment when I should appear to be starting up into high gear.  But is yawning actually the exact response your body needs to rev up your engines and get ready to face the worst?

Is yawning a form of self-medication or a means to calm my brain?  Or is it a sign that I’m too tired to possibly perform under high pressure?

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“The truth is we’re only here for a minute. But what a minute!”

As the caption says, laugher is contagious - image via
As the caption says, laugher is contagious – image via

On the Dearly Departed This Week

This week, we lost some beautiful souls.

Robin Williams made us laugh, cry and pee our pants a little.  He inspired people to be doctors in Patch Adams, and teachers in Dead Poets Society.  I really love his view on creativity, something he said in an interview:​

​”You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” ~Robin Williams

He reminded us that being quirky, happy and over-the-top is always welcome, whether you’re a genie or a Patchy doctor.  He made us laugh in Mrs. Doubtfire and inspired us to be better people in Patch Adams.

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Introvert Musings – The Benefits of Being An Introvert

Being a minority in a sea of extroverts, I’ve often wondered, why would we need introverts to begin with? Aren’t we like… genetically mutated or something?

We suck at being in big groups of people. We get exhausted from talking constantly. We get bored by people who chatter or talk our ears off. Like, this is the worst, no?

But THEN it came to me!

We rock at being on our own. Or silent. We don’t mind it when people give us the silent treatment – bring it on! And we don’t mind going on long walks by ourselves because we need time to think and process.

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